Natasha Lawyer is a Canadian transplant to Seattle. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in art education in 2007 and spent the next three years working as a teacher. She moved to Seattle in 2010 to teach art and then worked as a display designer at Anthropologie for two years before leaving to start work at Grand Image as a Studio Artist. In 2016 she found a new outlet for her illustration when she took up ceramics and will start selling her pieces in Spring of 2017.

A few words from Natasha... "being an artist is strange. It's one of those jobs that sounds so glamorous but the reality is different; It's eight hours a day of sitting alone moving your hand back and forth. It's hard on your body & it can be mind numbingly boring at times. But here's the thing, I need to make things. I need things to be beautiful. What I consider beautiful and interesting has changed throughout the years and probably will continue to change. As a full-time illustrator, I have spent my days drawing and then coming home and working on different freelance illustration projects on the side for years. It's exhausting and it has gotten to the point where I'm no longer happy doing illustration work for fun anymore. It just feels like I'm working all the time that way. Pottery came along at the right time for me. It's tactile and primal and physical and it gives me something to illustrate upon that is beautiful, functional & lasting in a way that artwork on paper isn't. I'm still very new to pottery but I'm so excited about how much I have to explore. Thanks for sharing my journey."

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